It was the year 1976, and Laura Spaeth started the Westfield Majorettes which was a group of baton twirlers performing during halftime of the Westfield boys' basketball games.  It was then that things started to spin into place.  Practices were held in Laura's mom's basement or in the hallways of Westfield School. 


More twirlers became interested, and another group was started - the Ravineside Strutters.  That name was selected because they were still practicing in a basement on Ravine Drive.  In addition to the Westfield Majorettes, Laura also coached the Central Majorettes and Kenneth Murphy Majorettes for several years. 


After a few years a position opened up at the Zion Park District for a baton twirling coach, and Laura took on that position.  Classes were started in the park district gym for twirlers of all ages.  There was a period of time where she was also teaching in Winthrop Harbor and Antioch. 


The name Ravineside Strutters was later changed to Razzle Dazzles.  It was felt that Ravineside Strutters was such a long name and Razzle Dazzles was a much more catchy name.


Laura also took on the role of the Zion-Benton Township High School Majorette Coach.   She has been assisted for many years by Dawn Cmiel who was a twirler in the first Razzle Dazzles corps. 


In 2005 the Star Spirit Twirlers out of Kenosha joined forces with the Razzle Dazzles, and the number of twirlers almost doubled. 


The Razzle Dazzles have won numerous state, regional, state, national and world championship titles. 


In 2009 they competed in the World Championships in Belgium and placed first in the Junior Parade Corps Division.


Their most recent accomplishment has been in July of 2019.  They won the Grand World Show Corps with Props and Scenery Championship Competition and the National Juvenile Twirling Corps and the National Junior Parade Corps titles at AYOP Nationals at Notre Dame.

In addition to Coaches Laura and Dawn, Mackenzie Cmiel, Kristi Karner and Melissa Taylor are the Assistant Coaches.  The program is sponsored by the Zion Park District.


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